Choose your service plan and options below

Step 1 - Choose your monthly plan

Wireless Plans

$50/month (up to 25 Mbps download/5 Mbps upload), current promotion (No install, No Contract)

$75/month (up to 50 Mbps download/25 Mbps upload), current promotion (No install, No Contract)

Fiber Plans coming soon!

Goto Step 2 - Choose Your Router/WiFi

Step 2 - Choose your Router/WiFi

Managed WiFi Router (+$10-$20/mo)

✓ Primary Router is +$10/mo - covers up to 2000 sq. ft

✓ Never worry about troubleshooting in house WiFi / maintaining / replacing a router again. If your router fails we replace it at no additional cost.

✓ Additional mesh points to extend WiFi coverage beyond 2000 sq. ft are available.

✓ Each Mesh Point extends range by another 2000 sq. ft.

✓ Each mesh point is (+$5/mo)

✓ Equipment must be returned when disconnecting service or pay a $299 equipment fee for the router, plus $150 for each mesh point.

Bring your own router (+$0/mo)

✓ For tech savvy households who do not need in home technical support. If you need to ask what type of router you should get, this option is probably not for you.

✓ You provide your own router

✓ HiCountryNet will not setup your router

✓ HiCountryNet will ensure the Internet hand-off port is working and leave you to setup the rest

✓ If in-home network troubleshooting is required, it is $99 per incident.

Purchase a router (+$0/mo)

✓ $199 WiFi router - covers 2000 sq. ft

✓ $150 WiFi Mesh Point - covers additional 2000 sq. ft

✓ 1 year hardware warranty with 1 year in-home support

✓ After warranty period HiCountryNet will only ensure the Internet hand-off port is working.

✓ If in-home network troubleshooting is required after warranty period, it is $99 per incident.

Step 3 - Optional Items

✓ IPv4 Dynamic Public IP Address (+$5/mo) [not available on $50/mo plan]

✓ Security Systems

✓ Phone lines (VoIP - voice over IP)

✓ Internet of Things (thermostats, door locks, water leakage, sprinklers, etc)

✓ Additional in-house wiring (CAT6, fiber)

High Speed Internet just a phone call away

Call/text or email and ask for Paul to ask any questions. I'd love to answer them.

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